• Nanotech 2019
  • Symposium on Nanomaterials
  • Puerto Vallarta

The purpose of the Nanotech congress is twofold: to bring together researchers in the fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology and to provide a forum for researchers where they share and discuss relevant developments in these fields. This is a five-day congress starting on Monday, October 21, 2019. The language for the congress is English.


ACCOMODATION: To book a room please follow THIS LINK, prices are in mexican pesos. Daily cost by person and all-inclusive plan. Prices also include hotel, taxes and tips. 


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October 21 - 25, 2019.

                             Event program

Abstract submission deadline

June 14, 2019.    

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July 08, 2019. 

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October 11, 2019.




Advanced Nanomaterials

  • Nanofluids

  • Soft Nanotechnology and Colloids

  • Fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, graphene

  • Nanophosphor composites: oxide, quantum dots and pores Si, GaN and rare earth

  • Metamaterials

  • Carbon Nanostructures and devices

Nanomaterials Fabrication, Characterization and Tools

  • Nanomaterials

  • Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials

  • Modeling and Simulation at the Nanoscale

Nanotechnology for Energy and Environment

  • Nanomaterials applied to energy and the environment

  • Organic Nanomaterials

  • Nanostructures in fuel cells, solar cells and catalysis

  • Electrochemistry of nanomaterials

Nanotechnology in Life Sciences and Medicine

  • Nanotechnology in Medicine

  • Bionanomaterials

  • Biosensors, Diagnostics and Imaging

  • DNA nanotechnology

Nanoscale Electronics

  • Metallic nanostructures (Plasmonic)

  • Nano Electronics and Photonics

  • Magnetic nanostructures

  • Nanocrystal and nano-optics: linear and nonlinear response

  • Nanometrology